I have suffered from Psoriasis since I was seven years old. I have been treated with everything from steroid creams to UV but these have had limited effect. I took to exclusively wearing long-sleeved tops for nearly 20 years – because I was embarrassed by the condition of the skin on my arms. The psoriasis was extensive, unsightly, uncomfortable and inflexible.
I started using Ganodex in the late summer of 2018. I began applying the cream frequently, addressing the dryness of the skin by applying a small pea-sized amount to my elbow and reapplying when scales started to reappear. Within days, my skin had started to soften and the raised area of psoriasis began to subside. By autumn, my arm was so clear of psoriasis that I felt able to both stop using the cream daily and to wear a short-sleeved top! I expected my psoriasis to worsen as the winter approached, as this has happened historically. However, the skin on my elbow maintained the results of the treatment through-out the winter months. It is now March 2019. I still use the cream once or twice a week and am amazed on a daily basis by the changes it has produced. No other treatment that I have ever used to address my problem skin has produced results like this… and I am still using my first tube of Ganodex Cream!
Recently, a patch of psoriasis emerged on the top of my head – a slight issue for me as I am bald. I tried the cream on this spot too and the patch cleared up so quickly this time that I didn’t even have an opportunity to take a set of comparison photographs!

Luke, UK

Albue før behandling





Albue før behandling





Man 59 years

”Among the 5 best psoriasis creams I have tried in the last 25 years!”

Has had psoriasis for 42 years. After using Ganodex™ for one month he experienced reduced itching and smoother skin. Scaling and flaking was also reduced. After three months use the skin felt completely normal.

Woman 34 years

”I will definitely buy this product”

Has had psoriasis for five years. After using Ganodex™ for one month the skin scaling was greatly reduced. Stated that Ganodex™ worked better than the creams he normally applies.

Man 48 years

”The only cream I have tried, which works as well as cortisone creams”

Has had psoriasis for eight years. After one month an improvement of 20% was reported. After two months the elbow itching had disappeared. “My elbow feels fantastic”. After three months he wanted to change from cortisone creams to Ganodex™.

Woman 41 years

Has had psoriasis for 15 years. After one month’s use the skin was much improved with reduced scaling. After two months, the skin felt smooth and the itch had disappeared.

After just 3 days of applying Ganodex I started to notice an improvement in my psoriasis. None of the other creams my doctor has prescribed for me has shown the same results. I have a very sensitive skin that reacts to most of the regular psoriasis remedies. I have no trouble with or reaction to Ganodex, besides it gives my skin condition the desired good effect.

Sonja Hansen

60 years

I am badly affected by psoriasis and am dependent on light treatment combined with moisturising creams and other creams. Ganodex is one of the better creams I have tried. It is very easy to apply with a smooth consistency.
Magne Degnes

32 years

Hermine has used Ganodex™ to treat mollusca with good results. After repeated application of Ganodex™ over a short period the condition cleared completely.
Hermine Johansen

Sunniva has suffered from atopic eczema from an early age. Repeated use of Ganodex™ has considerably improved her condition. Sunniva no longer uses any prescription products for her skin condition.
Sunniva Johansen

Sverre has had large outbreaks of psoriasis on both legs. Application of Ganodex™ over a 14 day period gave great improvements. After 4 week’s use of Ganodex™ his skin was free of psoriasis.
Sverre Hovland