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Cookies from Google Analytics
_utm store visits, first visit, last visit and current visit.
_utmb and _utmc used to detect how long users are on the site, when the visit starts and when it ends.
_utmz __utmz store where the user came from (search engine, keyword, link on another website)
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Ads tracking
re-marketing with Google Analytics.
view tracking for Google Display Network.
demographics and interest reports for Google Analytics.
integrated services that require data to be collected into Google Analytics via cookies for ads and anonymous identifiers
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How can I avoid the use of cookies on the website?
No matter which browser you use, you can set the browser to not store cookies. For some browsers, you can set this to apply to certain entities.

How can I delete cookies?
You can delete cookies in the settings of your browser. Help is available within the browser or the browser’s homepage. Here is link and use the instructions for the most common browsers:

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