I have suffered from Psoriasis since I was seven years old. I took to exclusively wearing long-sleeved tops for nearly 20 years.

I am amazed on a daily basis by the changes Ganodex has produced. No other treatment that I have ever used to address my problem skin has produced results like this…

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Luke, UK

Bring out the best in your skin

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A natural moisturising cream that relieves dry-skin symptoms including from psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema

Ganodex™ is a novel emollient cream, with humectant honey, that helps with managing irritation, itching, and scaling.  The cream is quickly absorbed, has a honey aroma, and is non-greasy after application.


Over 85% of Ganodex users with psoriasis reported an improvement in their symptoms, and a higher proportion with their eczema.

Ganodex is a unique, moisturising emollient developed and produced in Norway.  GlycaNova’s product philosophy is to enhance health and well-being through the scientifically-researched use of beta glucans.  With a Scandinavian focus on simplicity, Ganodex brings relief to the itch-scratch cycle.


For adults and children, Ganodex is the cosmetic that is simple, natural and effective. Daily application helps make the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity.   Recommended by health care professionals, Ganodex has natural ingredients, so may be applied as necessary to relieve itching.



Jacqueline, Dec-17

“Ganodex is very effective.  I have extremely itchy and burning eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis on my arms, chest and face.  Even on the eyelids this cream is gentle, doesn’t burn or sting like some of the stronger steroid creams prescribed to me by doctors, and is non greasy whilst moisturising effectively and gently”

Karen, Dec-17

“on my psoriasis, from first application it calmed my red itchy, flaking skin & my skin felt more comfortable than it has done in years”

Deborah, Dec-17

“My face feels moisturised and any itchiness is vastly reduced.  This effect can be felt immediately.  After using the cream for a number of weeks my psoriasis feels less aggravating.  The cream smells wonderfully of honey”

Kerry, Dec-17

“using Ganodex now for the past month and have noticed a remarkable improvement in the texture and condition of my skin.  I suffer from psoriasis and my skin constantly felt sore, dry and itchy.  Since using Ganodex my skin has altogether felt more comfortable, less dry and red.  I highly recommend this product”

Debs, Dec-17

“its a far better emollient than anything else I have tried”

Ann, Dec-17

“The fact that it’s made from all natural ingredients is very important to me”

Dave, Dec-17

“With a pleasant smell from the natural ingredients in the cream, it certainly does a better job and calming down my psoriasis than other products.  A thicker cream that massages into the skin with ease, leaving my sore areas moisturised and feeling much more supple.  Ganodex also has reduced the amount of silvery skin appearing on my psoriasis areas, building on my confidence”




“After just 3 days of applying Ganodex I started to notice an improvement in my psoriasis. None of the other creams my doctor has prescribed for me has shown the same results.” Read more

Dame smører Ganodex på armen

Ganodex™ and betaglucans

This unique skin cream contains beta glucans from Reishi, a mushroom species which has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. With daily application these beta glucans stimulate. Read more

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