Customer Information

Click on “Add to basket” on the website. In the basket you can decide on the number of product units you want and enter this number under “Quantity”. If you change quantity, you have to click on “Update”. You can also delete the order by clicking on the red “X”.

Decide on “payment method”. Click on “Check out”. Choose if you want to “order without registering”, “order and register as customer” or click on “Sign in for registered customers”. By registering, you will receive a username and a password for a faster and easier payment process the next time you shop.

Click on Next. Check that the details of the order are correct and click on “Place order”. Fill in the required payment details Make sure you fill in the details as they are given on your credit card.

Browser Related Issues:

We recommend that you use the latest version of your browser. The browser must accept the use of cookies. Java must be installed on your pc and support for Javascript must be activated in your browser.

Card payment issues:

There may be several reasons for this, the most common are: – The payment was refused by your bank – Insufficient information provided according to your credit card details. – The transaction was refused for some unspecified error message, probably due to technical reasons. In this case please contact us.

What Is a CVV Code?

To improve the security for using credit card to purchase goods on the internet it is necessary to register the three digit safety code found on the back of the cards. CVV2 (VISA) or CVC2 (Mastercard). This means that you must type in the last three digits on the code at the back of your card.

Describes How to Enter CV2 Code